Let’s give this a bit of life

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Let’s give this a bit of life

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It’s been almost 9 years since Iv done anything with rayobrien.com

What started out as a photography blog Has become a testing ground for fixing and testing items for customers using wordpress.  It’s nice to have a platform you are to break every once in a while.

I work in IT!! The dreaded response you give to people when asked “so, what do you do?” while mimicking the finger movements of typing on a keyboard and trying so so hard not to make it sound boring as all mighty hell!

The company I work for is the family business.  My dad set up a sole trader IT consultancy back in the mid 90’s and as the youngest of the family I grew up with it!  

The company now does everything from support to project management and installation for all levels of industry, education, media, medical, financial and manufacturing.   We are experts in the Apple market however have spent decades working with Windows and Linux environments making the user experience seemless between them all.  
The company name, O’Brien Associates Services Kilkenny also known as OBAKK IT Solutions!

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